Climat crisis and threats for enviroment

As part of the project “Earth – common good” foreign student’s mobility in Greece our team have been asked to conduct a questionary in which we quaere passersby in Platamonas city about climate crisis knowledge and environmental risks. Among respondents were different age class people in age from 15 to 60 years. Interviewees were asked to give an answer in a scale from 1 to 5 where numbers meant:

1 – definitely not

2 – probably not

3 – does not have influence / does not matter

4 – yes

5 – definitely yes

Looking at several diagrams presenting answers to the questions, we can figure out that some of them were so consistent but in other hand – extremely different. We think that variance between replies largely comes from age differences. Adults and elderly have repeatedly various knowledge about ecology than younger part of our society. Despite that when we are looking at these questions, in which answers were compatible, some conclusion come to mind – over the years the public is more and more conscious about climate crisis problem, which is visible in previous two or three years.

1. In your opinion, is the climate crisis a real threat to Europe?

Looking at the diagram, we can easily say that most of the respondents hesitate between “definitely yes” and “yes” answer. This fact is really frightening because if we don’t do things against the process together, in future it would have dramatic resonance, not just for Greece, but for whole Europe.

2. Do you notice any changes in the weather and natural environment in recent years?

As we can see on this graph, the answers are compatible – as many as 57% persons responded “Yes" or “Definitely yes". So we can confidently say that the Greece environment, over the years is going in the wrong direction and consequences of the climate crisis are visible. In the conversation with one woman, she stated that few years ago we could tell the difference between four seasons, but now only summer and winter are evident.

3. Do you think Greece is developing in terms of environmental in recent years?

At this question, the reactions of Greek interviewees were consistent. More than a half of respondents advocate that their country is not developing in terms of environmental. Four interviewees from Poland, after two weeks spent in Greece also saw the problem. In this 56%, answered this question negatively. Surprisingly in this group were mostly elderly people which testifies that the problem is visible in different age groups.

4. Do you know the principles of the European Green Deal?

In this question we can see that the answers of the viewers are not that diversified. As many as 72% does not know the assumptions of the European Green Deal. What is the worst, almost no one knows the definition of this initiative.

5. Do you think that every person in your country should protect the environment?

To this question the majority of respondents answered in the affirmative. The range varies between „Yes” and „Definitely yes”. Barely one person said, that it does not matter.